Adira’s Beginner Indepth Mod and Gpose Guide

This is a guide I made a while ago on how toย use mods. I had a bit of a hard time learning and updated it to include how to install makeup, eye and tattoo mods, sculpts, etc. The guide also has an indepth portion all on gpose. I didn’t know gpose existed until two years into playing the game and wanted to show all the cool features it has that took me forever to figure out.

The guide

  • includes how to install eye, makeup, tattoo, gear and other types of mods.
  • trouble shooting section when using mods.
  • Recommend websites and programs for mods, shaders and poses.

This guideย will update periodically as I learn more about modding, so be sure to check it out often! I will also be moving the gpose section into it’s own guide in the future, PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IT!!

I plan on making a guide on how to use Anamnesis as well, please look forward to it!

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