Premium Content: Primrose

Primrose uses The Body SE Slim top and SE bottoms

Midlander based only (Midlander, Elezen, Miqo’te, Viera, Au ra)

Port from DOAXVV. Texture has been edited so it’s dyable. Top uses leotard option so pants can’t be used with it.

Comes with and without bulge.

Expect some clipping in certain poses.

Replaces Uwagi #55 (top), Choka #55 (shoes), Tekko #55 (gloves) Firecrest right ring (side flappy accessories)

Ring is dyable with Anamnesis more previews here

if theres any issues or something i’ve missed. please message me!


Don’t claim as your own.
Don’t upload anywhere else or share with others.
Private edits are okay but please keep it private.
Don’t use for commissions.

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