❈ TERTIUM《 Afterglow Studios Preset Collection 》

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This is a collection inspired by the stark beauty of Garlemald. I absolutely love the sadness of Tertium’s theme. I wanted to celebrate the desolation amid the purity of the snow, the beauty within the grit; thus, this collection was born. There are 3 aesthetic presets, and 2 aesthetic gaming presets in this collection.

This collection comprises of:
❀ And Love You Shall Find 「 a moody, desaturated preset with reddish hues & light leaks」
❀ Why Leave 「 a soft preset with rainbow leaks across the winter chill 」
❀ Why Stay「 sharper focus, like you’re trying to remember what you can for future recall」
❀ Tertium Gameplay 1「 aesthetic gameplay filter with a toggle-able background bokeh effect if you turn ADOF on」
❀ Tertium Gameplay 2「 a less saturated variant 」

View Gallery Here: afterglowed.com/presets/tertium

✦ Best Suited for: Snowy areas, but will work in other places as well
✦ Created in: Garlemald

✦ Please add the included jpg files into your Gshade Textures folder (Do not change the file name).
✦ The presets will still work even without the added texture. To turn them off, uncheck the boxes next to “Stage Depth” and / or “Layer”.

If you use these, please use the hashtag 『#afterglowed』 so I can admire your gorgeous shots.

Discord Server: bit.ly/afterglowstudios
Join for more presets and / or support

Site: afterglowed.com
View higher resolution pictures here

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