Out of Hand

A set of 7 Equipable Hand tattoo, most of which were my previous work. One is new, however. Row 16 of colorset allows for color changes, glow changes, ect.

A special thanks to Illy for Bibo+, and a SUPER special thanks to Solona for helping with the mesh, then providing the mesh. She’s a sweetheart.

Dont steal repost, ect, these are design hand drawn by me, give credit, ect.

Allagan Bracelet of Aiming : Allagan Short
Allagan Bracelet of Casting : Allagan Long
Allagan Bracelet of Fending: Flourish
High Allagan Bracelet of Aiming: Hear Feel Think
High Allagan Bracelet of Casting : Henna
High Allagan Bracelet of Fending : Moonlift
Lost Allagan Bracelet of Aiming : Stary Hand

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