Purple Heart Voice Pack (JP) For All Females

So full disclosure: I have never in my life played a Neptunia game nor have I ever seen an episode of the anime that apparently exists. And on top of that, i don’t speak Japanese. That being said, this was done by request and I started it during the recent maintenance. If it doesn’t fit the spirit of Purple Heart, well…I’m sorry. I didn’t really have a lot of prior knowledge to work with.

There is a brief set of instructions in the READ ME, but other than that, this is it.


Y'shtola's Disciple and Acolyte | Gaia's husband | Pronouns are My Lord/His Excellency | Please respect them | pfp artwork is by krekkov | | When I first started out, I had no idea I was gonna get into modding, but here I am. Making a bit of scratch doing what I love. I'm doing this full-time until my ideas dry up and I have to get a real job. So if you wanna buy me a few tomestones so I can pay Rowena for rent, I'd appreciate it.

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