The Glamour Dresser

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Public release date: 05/05/2023
Also available on Patreon for all tiers! A cheaper option if you want to purchase multiple of my mods.

Port from the game The Quarry. A fashionable, casual outfit consisting of a layered off-shoulder top, loose belted jeans, trainers, layered necklaces with crosses, chains and beads, and studded bracelets.

– Requires Bibo+ 2.0 to work properly and is fitted around Bibo+ Small.
– Everything is dyeable and colorsettable.
– The weights around the arms of the top are a bit wonky. The shirt is a bit oversized around the area which makes weighting it a tad difficult for a simpleton like me. Avoid moving your arms too much when posing in this outfit!(>﹏<)


■ Private edits are alright. Please wait for the mod to go public before you publish them. Do not redistribute. Feel free to share with your partner or bestie, but for sharing with any more people, please purchase a suitable amount of copies.

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