Premium Content: πŸ©°πŸ’€ petit confort β€” legwarmer & shoes for Bibo+ & TBSE

petit confort is my very first “clothes” mod! i’m really happy to present this to you guys, it has been super interesting to do and i find the model really cute.

♦ ♦ ♦ β€”

  • contains:
  • legwarmer/shoes combo that contains multiple variants, pattern, and customisation!
  • three model variants (simple, one sock up and one sock down, two socks up)
  • possibility to choose between glossy shoes & matte shoes
  • possibility to dye socks & shoes, or leave them undyable
  • 17 diffuse textures:
    Simple (No pattern)
    Kuromi/Black Kuromi
    Melody/Pink Melody
    Cinnammonroll/Blue Cinnammonroll
    Pink Plaid
    Red Plaid
    Dark Plaid
    Cross & stitches
    Black & White Tiles
    Red & Black Tiles
    Black & White Stripes
    Black & Pink Stripes

  • to know:

legwarmers are fitted to:
β€’β€’β€’ bibo+ medium and should work with any size of bibo+ legs (small, medium, large). I didn’t test it on other variants like lithe+ for example, but it shouldn’t need adjustement!
β€’β€’β€’ Male version is fitted on OG the body SE leg versions.
β€’β€’β€’ replace calfskin’s rider shoes

  • terms of use:

⛔️ since this mod is a port, please refer to the creators tos.

⛔️ do not share my paid mods with your friends, even for screens collabs. please redirect them to my shop so they can purchase it!! β™₯

⛔️ no refunds, as it is not a physical product.

βœ… privates edits are totally okie.

βœ… private commissions to add/remove/idk anything are also okay. you don’t need to reach me to ask for perm. just make sure the person is safe to share files.

  • special thanks & credits:huge thanks to Moo’s Market for the original mesh, normal, multi and UVs. They’re an awesome VRchat creator and please check their store!
    β€’β€’β€’ licence key: B2FF70C4-5ADB4418-A84D9387-F561AB87

    thank you as usual to caroline for holding my hand on this project, helping me with modpacks because i’m dumb aswell as helping me fixing the weights!

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