🐈 Earn Your Stripes! – F Miqo’te Clan Marks for M Miqo’te

For all the transmasc catboys, butch catgirls, and everybody in between. 🌈

EDIT 9/20/2023: Textools users rejoice! I have added a Textools friendly version of this mod to the ZIP file. πŸ₯³

I’ve seen SO many mods that put the male miqo’te clan marks on female miqo’te, but none that do the reverse, for whatever reason? So this mod is me remedying that, because I can and will feed myself around here.

I’ve refitted all of the female miqo’te clan marks to fit on male miqo’te faces, and removed the male miqo’te clan marks, for both seekers and keepers. You can choose which clan marks you want for each face. (Note: Face 1 female seekers don’t have clan marks, but I thought it’d be lame to exclude face 1 male seekers, so I instead pulled the clan marks from face 1 female keepers and color tweaked them to match seeker skintones.)

This mod only affects the diffuse texture and should still be compatible with mods that affect the 3D model.

β€’ .pmp file
β€’ .ttmp2 file
β€’ Transparent overlays of all clan marks
β€’ PNGs and PSDs of all faces and their clan mark options

Lavender for the upscaled female miqo’te clan marks
rosemint for the upscaled male miqo’te faces


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