[🍓] Ling’s Muah Chee for Lalafell

♡  Race: Lalafell
♡  Genders: Unisex
♡  Replaces: Frontier Jacket
♡  Contributors: Ling for the original mod!! You can find it here

Lalafell Port of Lings Muah Chee Sweater!!! [relala body]

I added an edited version of the multi so it looks better with pastel colours. (dyable version only)
There is an option to choose from either just in case people prefered the old one :)

Please be wary that it will potentially clip with other pants,
It is fitted around the spring bottoms/frontier pants!!
I also did my best to prevent wrist + thumb clipping, but it might still happen in extreme poses/dances. Sorry!


Hi! Im Strawberry and I make mods for lalafells sometimes. You can find my already released mods on Discord, or my pillowfort! :)

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