🌠 Elegance – Presets for Reshade

A set of five presets inspired by knights and royalty. All come included with custom textures to help create a dreamy, storybook feeling, and four of them include a toggleable border on StageDepthPlus2 (StageDepthPlus2.fx).

β€’ Created with and for a GShade-migrated Reshade
β€’ Created with darkskinned characters in mind
β€’ Has NOT been tested extensively in different lighting and environments, please let me know if there’s any issues!

For installation, download the folder and unzip it. Make sure you place the hellsingress folder within your reshade-presets folder, and place the Textures folder within your reshade-shaders folder. All five presets come with custom textures installed, and they will NOT work if you do not install these textures!

I’ve also included StageDepthPlus2 and StageDepthPlus3 in the zip file for anyone that needs them, as these shaders are required for the custom textures to work. To install these, simply drop the StageDepthPlus2.fx and StageDepthPlus3.fx files into your Shaders folder, which should be located within your reshade-shaders folder.

If you still need to install GShade shaders or migrate your GShade over to Reshade, you can use this guide here: gist.github.com/ry00001/3e2e63b986cb0c673645ea42ffafcc26

β€’ Chivalry
β€’ Grace
β€’ Monarchy
β€’ Nobility
β€’ Poise

dewdropgraphics for the free border assets and vintage scrapbook textures



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