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πŸŒ™ Moonlight – Presets for Reshade

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omg baby’s first presets????

annnnnnnnyways with the mass exodus from gshade to reshade i decided to learn how to make my own presets because i’m sick and tired of having very few decent preset options for my darkskinned characters, so these presets are made 100% with darker characters in mind — though i tried my very best to make sure it looks nice on characters with lighter skin, too.

the download comes with four presets: three for screenshots, one for gameplay. each one is made with purple/pink/blue undertones, and in my opinion, look best in natural lighting! you can find more example images (both in daylight and at night) in the google drive. feel free to make adjustments to suit your personal needs or tastes!

for installation, just download and unzip the folder to your reshade-presets folder, it should show up alongside your other presets. you must be using reshade with the gshade shaders for these to work!! if you need to install the gshade shaders, you can find them here:

if you use these, i’d love to see your gposes! feel free to tag me in them on twitter @HELLSlNGRESS!


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