🌌 Aphelion – Body Scaling


This is my personal body scaling that I use for my OC Caelum. It’s a full body scaling that primarily affects the arms, hips, waist, and legs.

✏️ Notes:
β€’ Scaling affects the head, face, breasts, arms, waist, hips, and legs, with minimal hair scaling.
β€’ Face scaling specifically makes the lips fuller, and widens the nose.
β€’ Scaling was made on a face 1 male viera using TBSE Echo 2.0 Large legs and TBSE Echo 1.0 Large chest. It SHOULD work on other body types, but your results may vary depending on race and gender.
β€’ There will likely be clipping around the breasts (if using a non-op mod) and around the hips and butt.

I recommend using this scaling with the Customize+ plugin for best results! Feel free to edit this scaling to your own liking.

β€’ .pose file
β€’ Uncensored preview images that I can’t post on ko-fi πŸ˜…


he/him | preset maker and occasional modder

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