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❖ They done killed Lil meow meow out here ❖

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Alternative name: My Little Meow Meow

Author: Souz

Contributors: Shawna for helping me figure out this mess of a simple edit

Affected: Face 101-104 (Dunfesfolk)

Race: Lalafell

Gender: Female

I always wanted a kitty face mouth on my vanilla face, so here it is. I can imagine how many other people would probably want this so I went out of my way to do it for all Dunesfolk faces. The mouth shape isn’t consistent but they are still a cat shaped nonetheless

I will make a Plainsfolk and Male version… maybe… who knows (if someone else wants to do it, go ahead).

This is a .fbx model replacement, meaning this will OVERWRITE your teeth, eye and eyebrow sculpt mods. You will need to manually add those features to this sculpt for it to appear

Comes In:
. Ears
. Earless

I don’t care what you do, go ham. If you have to ask yourself ‘Would Souz unplug my PC if I do this’, then I probably would.



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