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Author: Souz

Contributors: Shawna for the Eyebrow Textures and Upierczi for the texture upscale + Vanilijhartan/Royalgore for fixing the issues on the sculpt

Affected: All Female Faces

Race: Lalafell

Gender: Female

A very. very. VERY. simple face sculpt (used face 102 as the base). This was a low risk experiment so I felt comfortable enough releasing it. Ty Shawna for letting me use your cute eyebrow textures. And ty Vanilijhartan for cleaning up my sculpt. The eye diffuse/texture remains the same between Dunesfolk and Plainsfolk.

This sculpt comes with…
. Custom makeup (with and without freckles)
. Custom eyelashes (and eyebrows by Shawna)
. Custom Multi (the lipstick area was changed)
. Altered Catchlight
. Earless version

All of the default shapekeys (except for the Jaw, Iris size and Eye Shape 2) are kept on this sculpt. In addition, I removed the bottom eyelashes (enjoy your fake eye lashes on the makeup).

Feel free to edit this sculpt to your preference.

Known Issues:
. Cheeks will clip into some hairstyles

✧ Terms of service (Makeup) ✧
. You may edit the makeup to your preference

. You MAY NOT use this as base/copy (I don’t mind inspiration, just literally don’t draw on top of the diffuse)

. You MAY NOT re-upload this

. You can pay someone to edit this, as long it REMAINS PRIVATE (meaning its not shared with like a whole server)

The PSD is attached due to the Multi being changed.

✧ Feel free to use the hashtag ” #SouzModz ” when you use my mods ✧

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