❖♦❖ Cavalry Drake Recolor

Just a simple port for the Calvary Drake mount to the glowing version. I wanted a version that glowed for my WoL, and figured I’d share it in case anyone else did, too.

❖ The glow will vary in intensity depending on the lighting and the area you’re in. Not sure if that’s just a lighting issue or a limitation of the port.

❖ This is a TTMP file so you should only need to install it, no need to install textures manually!

❖ This is completely free, but if you’d like to tip I do have a ko-fi. Tips are appreciated but neither expected nor required!


Hello! I'm Oree, and I'm an RPG lover. I'm exploring the creation of makeup mods for FFXIV here in my little corner of the internet. Thank you for your time and your visit!

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