❈ Shattered Glass – Catchlight! ❈

Shattered Glass – Eye Catchlight!:
↳ [Public]
❈ Races: All
❈ Affects: All/Your Choice. [Use Unique Textures]
❈ Description: Replaces the Iris Catchlight with a hand painted version for the race(s) of your choosing.

Disclaimer: This Catchlight will differ in vibrancy per Eye Texture, Colour, & Eye Normal. Custom Normals will often make the Catchlights appear larger which works in this texture’s favour. This is a very experimental texture! Feel free to edit!
Credits: I am personally using Elegy’s “Bright Eyes” Eye Normal and my own “Slit” Eye Specular in these screenshots.

NOTICE: Catchlights will apply to all races unless you select Use Unique Textures when importing the .DDS file to your race. Please note that you will then be required to manually reimport your Eye Normal+Specular, so export those before manually editing.

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