❈ SHATTERED《 Afterglow Studios Preset Collection 》

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『 SHATTERED – Preset Collection 』

Shattered is experimental in nature; I wanted something darker for Halloween, but didn’t want to go down a traditionally dark, gothic path. I decided to play around with textures and moody color palettes that hint at the possibility of destruction, devastation and ruin. These can be a little temperamental, but should work fine if you adjust your gpose light settings depending on the area that you’re at. There are 4 shaders in this mini-collection.

This collection consists of

───✧❈ SHATTER ❈✧───
a striking, unforgiving contrast, with black and white tones amplified while other colors fade away

───✧❈ SPLINTER ❈✧───
Did you ever imagine that warmth could feel this lonely?

───✧❈ FRACTURE ❈✧───
Ever felt like you were drowning at the bottom of a stormy sea?

───✧❈ CRACK ❈✧───
The story of tears on a faded photograph viewed beside a dying fire.

〚 View Gallery Here: afterglowed.com/presets/shattered

Important Notes:
Best Suited for: Mid-day shots, night shots would look best with gpose lighting set on Type 2
Created in: Island Sanctuary (.. of all places) ; tested at The Tempest and Garlemald

✦ Please add the included jpg / png files into your Gshade Textures folder(Do not change the file names).
C: > Program Files > SquareEnix > Final Fantasy XIV > game > gshade-shaders>textures

✦ The presets will still work even without the added textures. To turn them off, uncheck the boxes next to “Stage Depth” and / or “Layer”.

✦ A guide on how to make the presets work properly is included in the download. Please refer to the “Read Me” pdf if you get lost!

Discord Server: bit.ly/afterglowstudios
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Site: afterglowed.com
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