❈ Rocky Valentine Dress! ❈


Rocky Valentine!:
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❈ Races: All Talls – Feminine
❈ Affects: Frontier Dress
❈ Description: A simple little custom made dress with ruffles, flowers, and subtle gold accents. Designed with Valentine’s Day in mind, with the inclusion of a heart shaped cutout on the front!

  • Fit to Bibo+ Medium Chest.

The outfit is made by me using Blender, and is a first for me in dabbling with custom clothing meshes! I hope to greatly improve in the future, but I still had a blast in the learning process for this. Thank you for trying it out!

Credits: Illyriana, Tsar, and Bizu for Bibo+.


Hi. I'm Trixi. Sometimes I make things. ・ Need help? Contact me here: @Setrixi ・ Feel free to tag me! ・ #TrixiTricks

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