❈ REALISM《 Afterglow Studios Preset Collection 》

『 REALISM – Preset Collection 』

After getting my head in the clouds, I’ve learned to place my feet on the ground. In my never-ending quest for peace, I have been trying to live every day appreciating the beauty and clarity in the world around me. And this is why I decided to create a collection of presets that enhance the base colors of the game. There are 5 base shaders, and 5 aesthetic gameplay presets.

This collection consists of

───✧❈ REALISM ❈✧───
the original preset; an enhanced version of vanilla colors
❀ Realism Aesthetic Preset
❀ Realism Gameplay Preset

───✧❈ Realism CUTE ❈✧───
a more pastel version with softer colors
❀ Realism Cute Aesthetic Preset
❀ Realism Cute Gameplay Preset

───✧❈ Realism MOODY ❈✧───
a darker preset with slightly gothic vibes
❀ Realism Moody Aesthetic Preset
❀ Realism Moody Gameplay Preset

───✧❈ Realism PHOTOGRAPH ❈✧───
richer, slightly deeper colors like a DSLR photograph
❀ Realism Photograph Aesthetic Preset
❀ Realism Photograph Gameplay Preset

───✧❈ Realism URBAN ❈✧───
a slightly more modern take, like a magazine spread
❀ Realism Urban Aesthetic Preset
❀ Realism Urban Gameplay Preset

Important Notes:
Best Suited for: Should work in most areas, but you will need to tweak your gpose lighting according to where you are
Created in: Old Sharlayan, tested in various places

✦ Please add the included jpg / png files into your Gshade Textures folder(Do not change the file names).
C: > Program Files > SquareEnix > Final Fantasy XIV > game > gshade-shaders>textures

✦ The presets will still work even without the added textures. To turn them off, uncheck the boxes next to “Stage Depth” and / or “Layer”.

✦ A guide on how to make the presets work properly is included in the download. Please refer to the “Read Me” pdf if you get lost!

Discord Server: bit.ly/afterglowstudios
Join for more presets and / or support

Site: afterglowpresets.carrd.co
View higher resolution pictures here

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