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PomPom Ears&Tail!
↳ [Private]
❈ Races: Viera – Male & Female
❈ Ears: 01/02/03/04
❈ Affects: Goobbue Earring – Tail Only
❈ Description: Replaces listed Ears for Male & Female Viera with a set of custom ears & a fluffy wuffy tail, which I made from scratch! Includes different sculpted variations for the ears.

NOTICE!: Includes versions WITH and WITHOUT weights.
++ Weighted versions will scale with ear size, as well as wobble when you run.
— Unweighted versions will remain at max length; do not wobble while running.

❈ For different dye combinations, feel free to edit the Alpha of the Specular!
❈ Compatible with Vanilla Hairs! Fully fills in Ear Holes for Viera!
❈ Is not compatible with earrings due to placements.

Includes 5 Variations:
↳ Default – Intended to have a more wild look. Has fuzz on the tips of the ears.
↳ Take Two – Variation of Default, adding an outward curvature from the frontal view.
↳ Sharp – Intended to look more sleek & sharp, with pointed tips. No fuzz on the tips.
↳ Twist – Created off the Sharp design, with pointed tips. Has a downwards curve.
↳ PomPom Tail Only – Toggleable Tail located on the Goobbue Earring!

Credits: Ear fluff and Tail created by me.
❈ I worked very hard on this with my first time creating meshes from scratch & personalizing it with my own textures! Very excited to share! If you would like Ears/Tail swaps or ports, please contact me on Twitter or Discord. ❈


Hi. I'm Trixi. Sometimes I make things. ・ Need help? Contact me here: @Setrixi ・ Feel free to tag me! ・ #TrixiTricks

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