Premium Content: ❈ Kitten Mini Ears&Tail! ❈

Kitten Mini Ears&Tail!
↳ [Private]
❈ Races: Miqo’te – Female
❈ Tail: 02/03
❈ Description: Replaces listed Tails for Female Miqo’te with a set of custom ears & a fluffy wuffy tail, all of which I created completely from scratch! Includes different variations for the ears. Ear case dyes with base hair colour, inner ear fluff dyes with highlights. Each ear variation has its own modified inner ear fluff to suit its appearance. Includes an option for each ear variation attached to the Default Tails of 02 & 03.

NOTICE!: Versions are WITHOUT weights.
— Unweighted versions remain static; cannot be posed through CMTool/Anamnesis.

❈ For different dye combinations, feel free to edit the Alpha of the Specular!
❈ Requires Earless Modifications for hairstyles & Ear Flap removal!
❈ DOWN & MEGA styles will cover Ear Holes.
❈ Is not compatible with earrings due to placements.
❈ If you would like Ears/Tail swaps, please contact me on Twitter or Discord.

Includes 7 Variations:
↳ UP – Version of the ears which stands in an upright position.
↳ SIDE – Version of the ears which stick out towards the sides.
↳ DOWN – Version of the ears which are very downwards facing.
↳ MINI – Bonus little mini ears which stand in an upright position.
↳ MEGA – Bonus larger, downwards facing ears with dark tips.
↳ PomPom Tail Only – Tail only version for tail 02 & 03.
↳ Default Tail Option – Includes all ear variations on Default Tail 02 & 03.
+ Includes a Modpack of a modified version of The Emperor’s New Hat which hides Miqo’te Ears and Ear Flaps when equipped.

Credits: Ears and Tail created by me.

Hair Credit:
TL: “I Just Cut My Own Hair” by Ruta
TR: “Romi” by zero
BL: “Cupcake Ponytail” by Ruta
BR: “Sunshine Hair” by Lye.
++: “Rockstar Hair” by Ruta

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