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Fluffy Wuv Ears&Tail!
↳ [Private]
❈ Races: Miqo’te F&M, Au Ra F, Viera F&M, Lalafell F&M.
❈ Tails: Miqo’te F. – 01/02/03. // Miqo’te M. – 02/03. // Au Ra F. – 03/04.
❈ Ears: Viera F. – 02. // Viera M. – 01. [Ears Only.]
❈ Item: Goobbue Earring [Lalafell – Ears Only.]
❈ Description: A Valentine’s inspired creation which replaces listed Tails, Ears, and Items for select Races with a set of custom ears & a fluffy wuffy tail, made from scratch! Includes different decorations for the ears. Ear case dyes with base hair colour, inner fabric remains white. Please note that Viera and Lalafell are EARS ONLY.

NOTICE!: Versions are WITHOUT weights.
— Unweighted versions remain static; cannot be posed through CMTool/Anamnesis.

❈ UV maps are likely too messy for the ears for different dye options (sorry)!
❈ Feel free to change the colourset, Row 16, for the Hearts.
❈ Requires Earless Modifications for hairstyles & Ear Flap removal for Miqo’te!
❈ Covers the Ear Holes left in the mesh of default hairs for Miqo’te & Viera.
❈ Is not compatible with earrings due to placements.
❈ Heart Tail Adornment is removed from majority of the sets with clipping in mind.

  • For Ears/Tail swaps, please contact me on Twitter or Discord:
    + One set = $5
    + All ears = $10

Includes 7 Variations:
↳ Full Wuv – Version which includes Ear Hearts, Ear Bows, and Tail Heart.
↳ Heartless Tail – Version which removed the Heart decor from the Tail.
↳ Hearted Ears – Version which includes only the Hearts at the Ear Tips.
↳ Heart Ear Pads – Version which includes Hearts on the Inner Ear + Bows.
↳ Hearted Tail Only – Version which includes only the Tail, includes Heart decor.
↳ Tail Only – Version which includes only the Tail, no Heart decor.
↳ Plain – Version of plain Ears&Tail, without any decor.
+ Includes a Modpack of a modified version of The Emperor’s New Hat which hides Miqo’te Ears and Ear Flaps when equipped.

Credits: Ears, Tail, and Heart decoration created by me.

  • Hair Credit:
    ++: “Romi” by zero
    ++: “Cupcake Ponytail” by Ruta
    ++: “Rockstar Hair” by Ruta


Hi. I'm Trixi. Sometimes I make things. ・ Need help? Contact me here: @Setrixi ・ Feel free to tag me! ・ #TrixiTricks

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