Premium Content: ❈ FLUFFUWU Tails! ❈

Fluffuwu Tails!
↳ [Private]
❈ Races: Miqo’te F. // Miqo’te M. // Viera F. // Viera M.
❈ Tails: 01/02/03 – MIQO’TE ONLY
❈ Affects: The Emperor’s New Earrings – VIERA OPTION (short tails ONLY!)
❈ Description: Replaces listed Tails for Fem. & Masc. Miqo’te with a variety of custom fluffy tails – short & long. Fem. & Masc. Viera include the two short tail options only, provided on The Emperor’s New Earrings. All Meshes and Textures made from scratch. Includes 5 tail types and multiple highlight options.

NOTICE!: Long Versions are fully weighted.
— Weighted versions move with emotes; can be posed through Anamnesis/Ktisis.
— Given the volume of the tails, it displays best at length 25-100.

  • Tails dye with base hair colour by default, with the following Dye Options:
    + Default.
    + Highlights.
    + Super Highlights.
    + Speckled Highlights.
    + Speckled Variety.
    Includes two Normal Options for Alpha variance.
  • Includes 5 Tail Variations:
    ↳ OwO Tail (Short/Pointed) – Miqo’te & Viera M/F.
    ↳ UwU Tail (Short/Stubby – Miqo’te & Viera M/F.
    ↳ Fluffy Tail (Long/Thin) – Miqo’te.
    ↳ Flubby Tail (Medium/Thick) – Miqo’te.
    ↳ Flunfy Tail (Medium/Wild) – Miqo’te.
    PLEASE READ: Viera include only SHORT TAIL options, attached to Earrings.
    An option to purchase only the Short Tail Bundle for all listed races is available.
    Miqo’te include all styles, attached to listed tails, available in Full Bundle.

– Tails do NOT play well with MXAO Reshade settings.
– Not all Highlight Options are meant for EACH tail, and thus may not look ideal depending on tail style. However, all options are provided regardless of tail style.

Credits: All Meshes & Textures created by me.


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