❈ FILM《 Afterglow Studios Preset Collection 》

『 FILM – Preset Collection 』

Film is a collection of cinematic styled presets; it’s a little bit dramatic, yet also soft and vulnerable and I think it’s how we all feel sometimes. I’ve added some film grain, and tweaked the presets so they showcase a touch of natural skin pigmentation; because all our raw emotions, forever moments and perfect imperfections deserve their time in the sun.

There are both warm and cool toned shaders, and colors tend to be more muted / desaturated in some shaders than others. I would highly recommend viewing the gallery on my site for a better idea of these presets and their potential.

There are 9 aesthetic presets and 1 aesthetic gameplay preset for a total of 10 presets.


View Gallery Here: afterglowed.com/presets/film

This collection consists of

───✧❈ KITSUNE ❈✧───
A haunting, red-toned sepia preset

───✧❈ ONI ❈✧───
A moodier take, with softer tones

───✧❈ YOKAI ❈✧───
Washed out colors for the most ephemeral of ghosts

───✧❈ YUREI ❈✧───
This comes in 2 versions; the original has stronger red tones, and the alternate version is a little less saturated

DISCLAIMER: These aren’t exactly “point and shoot” presets, ie, they’re not the kind of presets you can toggle on and instantly get a good picture. You will need to adjust the gpose lighting, and some presets might work better in a certain area than others. But I promise that when you get it right, you can get pretty gorgeous shots out of these.

Important Notes:
Best Suited for: These work best for day time shots; please tweak gpose / character lighting as necessary to get the most of these shaders
Created in: Old Sharlayan, tested in Mt Gulg, Elpis, The Tempest, Holminster Switch

✦ Please add the included jpg / png files into your Gshade Textures folder(Do not change the file names).
C: > Program Files > SquareEnix > Final Fantasy XIV > game > gshade-shaders>textures

✦ The presets will still work even without the added textures. To turn them off, uncheck the boxes next to “Stage Depth” and / or “Layer”.

✦ A guide on how to make the presets work properly is included in the download. Please refer to the “Read Me” pdf if you get lost!

Discord Server: bit.ly/afterglowstudios
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Site: afterglowed.com
View higher resolution pictures here

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