Premium Content: ❈ Elif – High-Poly Sculpt! ❈

Elif – High-Poly Sculpt!:
↳ [Private]
❈ Races: Elezen – Masculine.
❈ Affects: Face 01/02 – Duskwight & Wildwood
❈ Description: An Asymmetrical High-Poly Sculpt for Masculine Elezen, Face 01/02. Uses Face 102 as a base. Changes made to the base model involve reshaping the eyes, mouth, nose, chin, jawline, and cheeks. Includes Illybites, custom Lash/Brow Meshes & Retextures, with an optional Eye Specular/Normal Map. Includes custom eye sclera retextures and ear models, created by myself.

Thanks for your interest! This is intended as a very naturally detailed High-Poly Face Sculpt. As such, the Diffuse texture edits are meant to enhance the skin texture and features alone through face mapping and sculpting, whilst still fitting in with Vanilla Characters. It is simply meant to push the boundaries of bare faces!

IMPORTANT!: This sculpt has custom features with newly baked Normals. Thus, Diffuse Edits made must be done so to complement the change in features. May not be fully compatible with Vanilla Diffuse textures.

  •  Model Includes the Following:
    + Custom High-Poly Ear Mesh + Texturing, made by myself.
    + LorFangs provided by Illyriana.
    NOTICE!: My custom eyes and ears are NOT a resource.
    The included LorFangs have been slightly adjusted:
    + Textures have been edited to be less bright.
  • Includes several hand painted Face Diffuse textures with the following options:
    + Detailed Diffuse Texture Base.
    + Additional Sun Damage/Freckles.
    + Additional Scarring + Overlays.
    + Specular edits for compatibility with all Skin Tones.
    + Custom Detailed Normal Maps.
    NOTICE!: My files are NOT a resource, all edits must remain Private.
    Please note that this is an Asymmetrical Sculpt!
  • Includes custom Brow and Lash Retextures with the following options:
    + Dyeable Brows/Black Lashes.
    + Dyeable Brows/Dyeable Lashes.
    + Dyeable Brows/Dyeable Lashes/Dyeable Shadow.
    + Black Brows.
    + Custom Face Toggles:
    –Left & Right Ear Decal, Edited Duskwight Clan Face Paint.
  • Includes optional Eye Textures:
    + Custom Eye Specular.
    + Custom Eye Catchlight.
    + Custom Eye Normal Map.
    + The Face Model comes with Central Heterochromia.
    + Eye Specular included made compatible with Atramentum Luminis framework.

❈ Disclaimer: Face Sculpts involve removing all shape keys! What you see is what you get.

  •  Known Issues:
    – Minor visible neck seam under certain lighting conditions.
    – Slight lash clipping on Pucker Up emote.

Credits: Illyriana for LorFangs.

↳ Do not share/claim as your own.
↳ Do not use as a template for other mods.
↳ Private edits to the diffuse/sculpt are fine, but it must stay private.


Hi. I'm Trixi. Sometimes I make things. ・ Need help? Contact me here: @Setrixi ・ Feel free to tag me! ・ #TrixiTricks

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