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Chonker Ears&Tail!:
↳ [Private]
❈ Races: All
❈ Tail: Miqo’te F. – 01/02/03 ❈  Miqo’te M. – 02/03 ❈ Au Ra F. – 02/03
❈ Ears: Viera F. – 01/02
❈ Affects: Werewolf Head
❈ Description: Replaces listed Tails for Fem./Masc. Miqo’te & Fem. Au Ra with a set of custom ears & a tail, also replaces Werewolf Head with the ears for All Races. Includes a unique variation specifically for Female Viera attached to Viera Ears. Ears dye with base hair colour, floof dyes with highlights. Tail dyes with base hair colour. Fully animated for applicable races.

NOTICE!: Version is fully weighted.
— Weighted versions move with emotes; can be posed through CMTool/Anamnesis.

❈ Completely COVERS UP Vanilla Ears & Ear Holes on Vanilla Hairs for Miqo’te Male & Female, as well as Female Viera (unique ear variation only)! 

❈ Disclaimer: Isn’t very compatible with earrings, but keeps some pretty hidden!

Credits: BnS // UnluckyCandyFox


Hi. I'm Trixi. Sometimes I make things. ・ Need help? Contact me here: @Setrixi ・ Feel free to tag me! ・ #TrixiTricks

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