❁ Woodlands ❁

A Cottagecore style set of 3 presets!!

Moss: A cool-toned shade that works best in soft lighting.
Earth: A neutral shade with some slightly blushy tones.
Fungi: A more vibrant shade, with warmer tones.

All of my shades in this set atm use heavy DoF and bloom and can tend to be a bit too bright in direct harsh lighting (especially on lighter skin) so edit and adjust as necessary.

I’ve tried my very best to make this shade work with all skin tones or in the very least, work without huge adjustments. Please feel free to DM me on twitter with any constructive feedback @lichenthropy_

Previews are in the .zip, and you can also see previews on my Trello
Please enjoy though there may be a few flaws, and if you post pics please use #lichenshades so I can see :)


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