[✩] ophy’s “sparrow” for everyone (else!)


!!!!!! ORIGINAL MOD FOR MIDLANDER MALES BY OPHY HERE —> ko-fi.com/s/ec166e7151 !!!!!
please go give it support :)))

✩ “sparrow” hair by ophy ported to most (other) race and gender options! ✩
race and gender options listed below — does not include midlander male, elezen male, and viera male as those ports already exist :)) links below!

✩ Install options: ✩
☾ Midlander
☾ Highlander
☾ Miqo
☾ Au Ra
☾ Elezen
☾ Viera
☾ Roegadyn

☾ Highlander
☾ Miqote
☾ Au Ra
☾ Roegadyn

replaces hair 125 for hyur, au ra, miqo, elezen, and roegadyn; hair 130 for viera (can be changed on import)

Male Elezen port by workingelezen can be found here :))) —> www.glamourdresser.com/mods/sparrow-for-m-elezen
Male Viera port by ayyymay can be found here :))) —> beta.aetherlink.app/mods/6994442150264209408

✩ lalafell options to be release on a later date
✩ posable in anamnesis!
✩ texture issues with the side braid; barely noticeable on light hairs, almost not visible on darker hairs
✩ may break hair 125 on other races

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