Premium Content: ✧ Roselyne Sculpt

Highpoly Face Sculpt for female Viera, Au Ra and Miqo’te – all faces (viera f3 base) ♡
♡ makeup, custom UV mapped eyelashes and eyebrows, iris texture
♡ three different makeup png’s: red, pink, black, by default the sculpt has red makeup
♡ teeth are RunaNoms only and default heterochromia is replaced with sectoral heterochromia
♡ optional modpack for black undyeable eyebrows

Only Viera Sculpt and Miqo’te Sculpt have cheek markings, they dye with tattoo color for viera and ear clasp color for miqo’te

Viera has the cheek marks bound to the beauty mark facial feature, for Miqo’te it’s facial feature B and the ear flaps are on facial feature A – please use the aesthetician ♡

Au Ra Sculpt has all horns & scale options as well as scaleless

Two Makeup Modpacks to switch between the three different makeups (red, pink, black) and you can select either b&w scales or vanilla scales
additionally all face textures come as .png and .psd for customization
.psd to change miqo’te makeups to raen skintone
B&W Body scales included for vanilla (gen2), gen3 and bibo+

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