Premium Content: ✧ Lorelei Sculpt

Highpoly Face Sculpt for Au Ra, all faces
♡ makeup, custom UV mapped eyelashes & eyebrows retextures and exclusive iris texture~
♡ high quality mermaid ears & tail made with love, .psd’s for customization included ♥

♡ 2 different Versions with my own teeth, RunaNoms:
♡ Default, matching [Runa] Lorelei’s blushy scales
♡ Scaleless (still has face scales and horn toggle, use the aesthetician)

Blushy Scales ttmp body only
for the vanilla body (material a) and bibo+
comes with .psd’s to customize the blush, adjust the hue to make your own blushy scales

✧ seperate tail modpack
✧ modpack for black undyeable brows
✧ lorelei mermaid ears on headgear (white daisy/black dahlia corsage), allows you to use the ears with any au ra sculpt while automatically hiding the horns, no more 3d edits~!

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