Premium Content: ✧ FORTY-EIGHT

» Contents «
✧ Licensed ZAO Sims Port
⟶ Hair 168 • Female HAMEV
⟶ Hair 168 • Male HAMV

⡇ Two Options: With & Without Front Pieces
⡇ Will not break other races.
⡇ Highlights, yes. Hats, no.
⡇ I am not perfect and neither are my creations.
⡇ My weights are not a resource.

» Contributors «
✧ Original 3D meshes from ZAO Sims Patreon.
✧ Hair textures provided by Major Praline.

Aesthetic Mods Patreon
Celestial Garden | Ko-fi Shop

vermillion ❈

Mod & Pose Creator. Friendly neighborhood G'raha Tia lover. ♥

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