Premium Content: ✧ Artemisia – Au Ra Sculpt

Highpoly Face Sculpt for all Au Ra faces
♡ makeup, custom UV mapped eyelashes & eyebrows retextures
♡ custom high quality horns, ears, demon tail & optional horn ribbon (on peach blossom earring)
♡ horns and ears are a toggle on the upper and lower eyeshadow options
♡ .psd for the tip of the tail and .psd for blushy horns

3 different Versions
♡ Neck scales: for [Runa] b&w scales (vanilla body, t&f gen3 & bibo+), included with the purchase
♡ Without any neck scales: you can install any au ra body scale mod that has NO neck scales around the seam to the face
♡ Scaleless version: you can toggle nose and cheek scales on/off

2 different teeth Versions
♡ default teeth
♡ RunaNoms

♡ Seperate Modpacks for Artemisia’s Ears, Horns & Ribbon, either on Headgear (Frontier Ribbon), Accessory (Peach Blossom Earring) or combined with Artemisia’s Demon Tail
Multiple options: Full Set, Ears & Horns, Horns & Ribbon, Horns only, Ears only
Lots of texture options: B&W, Vanilla, B&W with three different blushy horns (red, pink, blue)

♡ optional: blushy horns textures, psd & install guide
modpack for black undyeable eyebrows
vanilla scales textures for face, horns and tail

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