Premium Content: ✦ Titania – Makeup

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Inspired by a makeup picture found on pinterest that reminded me of Titania.

✦ Affects: F!Viera 1

✦ Includes: Png files of the diffuse and multi, as well as a ttmp file.

For manual install: Open TexTools, select character > face > viera female > face 1, install the makeup on FAC_A.

Notes: The ttmp includes an option to remove the multi texture.

Skintones previews on vanilla faces for Rava:

Skintones previews on vanilla faces for Veena:

• Upscaled face textures by Naori.

• Do not claim my textures as your own.

• Personal edits are allowed but has to remind private.

• Do not use my textures in adoptables/paid work.

• Do not share with people who didn’t purchase it. Please respect that and redirect people to this link if they want to purchase it.

✦ If you have any questions or if you have anything to report, please DM me on discord (Toru#0666) or Twitter (@Greystone_tears) !

✦ Join me on discord!

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