✦ Lucy – Makeup [All faces]

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“You don’t make a name for yourself as a cyberpunk by how you live… You make a name by how you die.”

Lucy inspired makeup because I’ve been crying nonstop over Cyberpunk Edgerunners for days- oopsie

Affects: F!Miqo

Includes: Diffuses for all faces, Seeker and Keeper, and multi edits.


Thank you Mii and San for the additional previews. ♥

For manual install: Open TexTools, select character > face > miqo’te female > face of choice, install the makeup on FAC_A.

Notes: If you don’t want to use the multi textures, you will have to do a manual install, as the ttmp is packed with it.

Previews without shaders for Seeker: https://imgur.com/a/ptD32QA

Previews without shaders for Keeper: https://imgur.com/a/KskMc0r

BEFORE PURCHASING: This was made for vanilla faces, it might look different on the sculpt you’re using.

Feel free to edit the makeup yourself to make it match your face better. My rules still apply, do not share it with someone who didn’t purchase it, even if it’s for a personal edit.

• Upscaled face textures: Diffuse by Naori, Multi by Miette.

• Do not claim my textures as your own.

• Personal edits are allowed but has to remind private.

• Do not use my textures in adoptables/paid work.

• Do not share with people who didn’t purchase it. Please respect that and redirect people to this link if they want to purchase it.

✦ If you have any questions or if you have anything to report, please DM me on discord (Toru#0666) or Twitter (@Greystone_tears) !

✦ Join me on discord! https://discord.gg/WzChpDxFDF

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