☀️ Sunlight – Presets for Reshade

heehoo i’m back

this is a collection of four presets with warm undertones, made with black and brown characters in mind. as always, they look best in natural lighting — but these look particularly pretty indoors, too, especially in soft or dimmer lighting!

for installation, download and unzip the folder to your reshade-presets folder, it should show up alongside your other presets. you must be using reshade with the gshade shaders for these to work!!

if you need to install the gshade shaders or migrate your gshade to reshade, you can use this guide here: https://gist.github.com/ry00001/3e2e63b986cb0c673645ea42ffafcc26

if you use these, i’d love to see your gposes — feel free to use the tag #HELLSPRESETS on twitter!


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