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I’ve always wanted a sweet little tattoo mod for my girl, so I decided to create my own! Featuring pretty pink watercolor florals on her arms and thighs, this sweet tattoo will add a dash of subtle prettiness to any outfit.

More pictures can be found at my Discord server:

I’m still new to this, so this might not be 100% perfect. Please let me know if anything is amiss! I can be contacted on Discord at Minkie#8788.

Note : This texture has been applied over the vanilla Lalafell body and will affect both genders.

〚 Permissions and Stuff 〛
– Do not edit this mod without my permission. If you’d like any changes, please contact me.
– Do not use this for anything NSFW related.
– Artwork was not created by me, but I possess the license to use it.


Just a little Lalafell who has retired from making pretty tattoo mods!

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