•ᐯ• Vanity Shade – Film Noir (7)

🎥 Film Noir 📸


Requires the latest version of GShade: gposers.com/gshade

▪️ Seven Presets with three textures inspired by class Film Noir movies. Includes a brick background, a window shadow overlay, and a smoke overlay/background.

▪️ These presets are intended for GPose and screenshots and feature ADOF or a Cinematic mouse-driven DOF that may be toggled on/off at leisure.

▪️ To activate the textures, open the GShade interface and toggle ‘stagedepth’ and/or ‘stagedepth2’, respectively. To toggle the window shadow and smoke layer, toggle ‘layer2’ or ‘layer3’.

▪️ Spotlights are adjusted to these presets and are off by default. Bring up the GShade interface by hitting shift+F2 and locate the ‘spotlight’ technique near the top. Toggle them on and adjust the placement and brightness at leisure.

▪️ Adjustments may be required for the textures. Feel free to mix and match them for neat effects. You may refer to chapter 7 of the GShade tutorial pdf found on their website, the pages are attached in this zip file.

▪️ Optimized in the Crystarium, Empyreum, and an Endwalker Dungeon.

-Extract the Vanity Shade folder to: \SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn\game\gshade-presets
-Extract the .png image files to \SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn\game\gshade-shaders\Textures (Do not change the name of the files)


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