Featured Creators

September 2021 Featured Creators from left to right Ayleen, Darius, Bazookakitty, and Idriss

TGD is here to help
you grow as a creator

Beginning in July, we have hand-picked our Featured Creators based on a themed gpose contest hosted in our community Discord. Each contestant’s submission is given a score and winners are chosen. Contest winners are displayed across the site and promoted on our Twitter account. 

We want TGD to be more than a place that hosts mods. We want to use our platform to actively help and support creators as we grow. After all, the FFXIV gpose community is nothing without each of them and the content they create.

Our Spetember 2021 Featured Creators

Hi,I’m Ayleen! Midcore player who play FFXIV for around 2 years. Travel through Eorzea and narrate her endless journey inside the frames. 


Hi, I’m Darius – gpose lover and modding novice. I play FF for over 6 years now and I’m alt addicted.


Hey Y’all! I’m Stella aka Bazookakitty; I’m a hardcore Rper and Screenshot Artist. I love to use my skills to make art for both me and my friends.


Hello, I’m a little Belgian, Idriss, a girl who is new to gpose. I started playing FF a few years. I play mainly… A hrothgar..


Our August 2021 Featured Creators

Howdy I’m Yumeko or Yume for short! Most times I’m an aura but I make a new OC every other week. I love fashion and makeup so modding on Final Fantasy always gives me new fun ideas! Also yes I love gambling all my gil away so I’m constantly in debt or rich there really isn’t an in-between.


She calling herself a Gpose freak, ’cause it’s what she doing most of the time in Eorzea. An Artist that love to painting and creating new poses.

Kiwi Forma

Bonjour ! I’m someone picky about my ideas. If I can’t find what I want, I’m doing it myself. That’s how I begin to make poses, and I slowly learn 3D to do more than textures editing 🙂


Heya! I am Blackjaque, a creator on the Aesthetic Mods team, and a fashion enthusiast. I picked modding up to be able to combine three of my big passions: art, fashion, and final fantasy. I hope to continue to grow my skills to be able to create more tools for us to express our creativity and style through our screenshots!


Hi all, I’m a new creator/mod enthusiast getting ready to upstart some new ideas I have! I can’t wait to show you all that I have in store while I learn some things in the process. I’m a bit of an introvert but this game brings the best out of me ♥


Our July 2021 Featured Creators

Hi I’m TetsuTea, but you can call me Tetsu! I’ve been playing FFXIV for 8 years and have always been a fan of gpose. It wasn’t until this last year that I decided to try modding to enhance my pics! I cant wait to see what art you will create!


Hello I am Jesska aka UndercoverPunisher. I’ve been playing FFXIV for over 6 years now. I admit I am obsessed with gposing and you can find my photos on Instagram or Twitter.

Jesska Punisher

Hiya, I’m Phos! I’m a long time fan of Final Fantasy, and an avid lover of all things gpose. I love to build poses in my freetime, and I’m glad that I can share my work with the community. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations!


Hello! My name is Link, a FFXIV player, roleplayer, gposer, and Aymeric simp. I also occasionally release mods, which you can find on my Glamour Dresser page or my ko-fi!


Hiyo! I’am Faemet the Barabunny. I’ve loved FF all my life, and XIV has been such a joy for me. I look forward to showing you what i can do. Stay Golden mates!


Our June 2021 Featured Creator

Heya, I’m Seylum! I’m part time mod & pose maker, but a full time G’raha Tia lover. A momma of three fur babies who’s been playing FFXIV for six years and enjoys spending time doing shenanigans with friends if not afk in gpose.