About Us

Image featuring TGD Staff Members from left to right: Aluna, Shionne, ♥Nikki, Vermillion, Keiko

The Glamour Dresser.
Lux. Couture. Community.

That is at the roots of the Glamour Dresser, and that is exactly what we choose to represent. Showcasing the multifaceted artist in the FFXIV modding community while offering an inclusive, safe, and in vogue platform we here at the Glamour Dresser aim to give stage to the most premier, exclusive, luxurious mods from all walks of Eorzea.

We are currently in public beta. If you notice a broken link, or have some difficulty using a feature, please let us know by filling out a tech support ticket.

Staff Members


Founder, Web Development


Operations Lead


Editorial Curator


Marketing Coordinator


Creator Outreach